Marketable Chair Solutions

Keekea has a rich selection of metallic, acrylic, and plastic chairs made in our certified factory. Today, we combine our pragmatic approach with our understanding of materials and processes to produce chairs of consistently high quality with rigorous attention to detail. The comfortable ergonomic design of our chairs makes them highly popular and sought after among wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

As one of the leading chair manufacturers in China, we fulfill bulk orders at competitive prices thanks to the proximity of the main raw material production area, automated mass production, and comprehensive self-owned technology. We have an in-house spraying line, and our factories are in areas with a low land cost. In addition, Keekea has a rich selection of more than 200 different chairs made in China that appeal to your clients.

Springboard to Creative Solutions

Customized Chairs for Your Target Market

If your design aesthetics is unique, please take a seat: we’ve got much to talk about. By sourcing and curating the latest and greatest chair designs, our in-house design team acts as the springboard for your ideas. We’re the perfect starting point for creative collaboration.

In addition to our standard inventory, we can also manufacture specific types of chairs for your needs in case you can’t find the chairs you’re looking for among our regular types of chairs. Keekea’s designers can incorporate years of market research into your chair concept, creating a marketable product.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Quality and stylish chairs are always a key factor to the success of our clients—you can count on the many winners who have worked with us. However, it is not just about a good chair or table. It is about how we can make your brand shine brighter than your peers. This is where our customization, aftersales, custom packaging, and other services come in.

  • Manufacturing Benefits

    Utilizing advanced machinery operated by experienced workers allows us to complete your chair orders without compromising on quality.

  • Strict QC system

    A thorough inspection of raw materials, ironwork, and various other aspects of our chairs allows you to buy with confidence from our catalog.

  • Complete Services

    Keekea provides an opportunity for your business to grow through our services including free samples, custom packaging, and other convenient options.

Wide Application of Chairs

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Keekea

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